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OANDA Reviews

It is always a pleasure to speak with Luke, and have a chat about stock market and forex.

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Hi Giuseppe,
Thank you for your review! We'll make sure to share your review with Luke. All the best!

fast account opening and good support

fast account opening and good support. had someone contact me and explain everything and guide me. the platform looks pretty good as well. time will tell how the trading will go but Oanda 评论和教程 2022 as of now properly the best broker

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Hi there,
Thank you for your review! We are happy to have you as a client. All the best!


Recently set up my Oanda account and the support has been fantastic. I’ve had several questions and Brett (Account Manager) is very knowledgable and answered all my queries. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Oanda

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Hi Pete,
We are delighted to hear about your experience with our team. Thank you for your review!

Just starting with onada and I’ve got a…

Just starting with onada and I’ve got a great start thanks to Luke Newitt. Platform looks to be great !
Highly recommend

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Hi Oanda 评论和教程 2022 Oanda 评论和教程 2022 there,
Thank you for your review!

I am happy with the platform and the support recieved.

I am happy with the platform and the support from Customer Relationship managers.
The info when asked was quick, as i was struggling with Tradingview and when i asked my RM, they have provided valuable support for me.
Based on my experience, i would always encourage people to use Oanda.

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Hi there,
Thank you for your review! We are happy to hear about your experience with our relationship managers. Thanks!

Great service from the guys at Oanda

Great service from the guys at Oanda, they call you almost immediately when you are ready to open an account to make sure you have everything in order, and to check to see if you know what you’re getting into!

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Hi Jason! Thank you for your review. We are glad you are happy with our team. All the best!


DO NOT TRADE WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not let you withdraw your money, I Oanda 评论和教程 2022 have been trying for almost 2 years.

They play cat & mouse and call you a liar when you give them all of your banking info. I am calling every US financial regulator office to sound the alarm on this garbage company. FTC has already been notified.

I should have ditched this company when I realized their app was developed by a toddler. WebView for account authentication? Uploading non-encrypted smartphone photos of debit/credit cards? No Plaid to authenticate bank accounts? LOL. I'm embarrassed to say I've Oanda 评论和教程 2022 recommended over a dozen people to use their service.

Run. very fast. Before their PONZI SCHEME falls on top of you.

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Hi Rob,
We are sorry to hear you are facing problems with withdrawal. We want to help you through this process so please reach out to our team with a copy of this review so we can investigate it further.
Thank you

Global Oanda 评论和教程 2022 Economy Monthly Report: February 2022

monthly economic report february

The standoff between NATO and Russia over Ukraine has sunk global stock markets as investors have fled Oanda 评论和教程 2022 to safe haven assets, including the US dollar. Investor belief that a sooner-than-expected Federal Reserve interest rate hike, in tandem with an end to its massive bond-buying program, has made the dollar a more attractive asset. The first rate hike of the year is expected in March.

Inflation in the United States broke a 40-year record last month, rising to 7%. However, the employment outlook for the country is very strong, with unemployment at a low 3.9% .

Europe successfully blunts Omicron’s economic impact

The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has led to record infection rates across Europe, with the World Health Organization predicting that over half of the European population will become infected at some point. However, the variant has had far less impact on the continent’s economic activity. With Omicron in mind, Barclays nevertheless predicts robust growth for the EU in 2022 and 2023.

Continued European Central Bank bullishness that there will be no interest rate hikes this year is very likely to be tested as inflation shows no signs of abating, currently standing at 5% . While a change in approach by bringing in a rate hike could help stifle inflation’s charge, it may also dim faith in the ECB in two ways. One, in its lack of foresight to gauge correctly the true state of the European economy. Two, in its apparent inability to change its approach to best protect the European recovery.

Another rate hike looms for the Bank of England

With inflation surging in the UK to a 30-year record 5.4%,markets expect the BoE to raise its main interest rate to 0.5% in February. The sharp rise in inflation has surprised policymakers, essentially forcing the BoE to take a more aggressive line regarding its interest rate policy. It also remains to be seen just how the British economy will react to the halting of its $1.2 trillion quantitative easing program.

While the Omicron variant has impacted the UK, the country has largely responded well to its threat. Elsewhere, economic activity is strong, with unemployment at a robust 4.2% . GBP is expected to trade between 1.34 and 1.36 throughout 2022

China takes action to halt its economic slide

The fallout from the Evergrande debt crisis continues to reverberate through the Chinese economy. Fearful of a spread across its Chinese property industry and across the wider economy, the Chinese central bank has taken action by lowering mortgage lending benchmark rates and its short and medium-term lending rates.

This move comes on Oanda 评论和教程 2022 the heels of December data showing a slowdown in the property sector and in overall consumption. Chinese authorities have indicated that there will be more such decisions made in future as they see necessary to boost its slowing economy. The world’s second largest economy has also borne the brunt of an Omicron variant surge, with its zero-tolerance approach to Covid resulting in numerous city-wide lockdowns since the turn of the year.

With both household and corporate debt in danger of being overleveraged, the next three to six-month period will be crucial for China. It will provide greater clarity over whether the country is able to stabilize itself economically or if this is the beginning of a painful economic downturn.

Integrate the most precise, reliable FX data

OANDA’s exchange rates API integrates easily with your existing platform, giving you access to 31 years of historical FX data for over 38,000 currency pairs and rates Oanda 评论和教程 2022 from over 200 currencies, commodities, and precious metals.

Sign up for your free trial here and discover why OANDA is the global leader in precise FX data provision.

Oanda Leverage Explained (2022)

filippo ucchino

Filippo Ucchino Last Updated: June 2022 3 Min Read

In this article we will be looking into leverage on the Oanda platform, and analyzing things like how leverage works and the leverage per each tradable market.

If you want to know more than just leverage on Oanda, please read our Oanda review.

Let’s get started.

Table Oanda 评论和教程 2022 Oanda 评论和教程 2022 of Content

Oanda Leverage

Now when it comes to leverage on the Oanda platform, it really depends on the regulation you are trading under, as well as the asset you want to trade too. For example, under FCA and ASIC regulation the maximum leverage a trader can use is 1:30 for any of the major forex pairs. But for the U.S and Asia, the maximum leverage is slightly greater with 1:50.

Oanda Entity Leverage
Oanda Singapore 1:20
Oanda Europe 1:30
Oanda Australia 1:30
Oanda USA 1:100
Oanda Canada 1:100

If you wish to try the Oanda leverage without risking your money, you can open an Oanda demo account (73.5% of retail CFD accounts lose money).

Oanda Leverage per Each Tradable Market

For the major currency pairs such as EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, USD/JPY you will find that the leverage is 1:30, but as mentioned before that when it comes to the U.S and Asia the leverage Oanda 评论和教程 2022 is slightly more due to different regulations. However for the non-major currency pairs such as EUR/AUD, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY, CHF/JPY, as well as Gold and major indices you will find the leverage is 1:20. Some of you may be wondering what the leverage is Oanda 评论和教程 2022 on commodities other than Gold. Well the leverage for other commodities is 1:20. CFD stocks and ETFs have a 1:5 leverage and cryptocurrencies have a 1:2 leverage but that is only for ASIC regulations.

How does Oanda Leverage Work?

Leverage on Oanda works by allowing traders to enter into much larger positions than their accounts would allow. Meaning you can make much more money on winning trades with just a small account. When you open a trading account and you encounter different leverage values, you will see them referred to as 1:10, 1:20, 1:50 etc. The more leverage you trade with means the higher your profits will be on a winning trade but also increases the risk of greater losses. For example, if you enter a trade using 1:10 leverage and you have an account size of $300, you can open a position up to the value of $3,000.

Oanda Professional Account Leverage

Oanda Professional Accounts are only available to trades in the U.K. Europe, as well as ASIC traders, due to specific regulations. The Oanda Professional account also sets itself apart from a normal Oanda account because the Oanda 评论和教程 2022 leverage is much higher than a standard retail account. With the Professional account, you will find that the maximum leverage available is 1:100 for forex pairs, with a 50% margin closeout level. There are other benefits that you will experience using the Professional Oanda account other than higher leverage, which include margin relief when you place a guaranteed stop-loss order, stop-loss order, or trailing stop loss on indices, forex, gold, silver and crude oil. You can read our Oanda Account Types guide for more information.

Oanda Leverage FAQs

What is a 1:500 leverage in forex?

If a broker offers 1:500 leverage on their platform, it means that for every $1 a trader’s capital, they are given $500 to trade with.

Is Oanda legal in USA?

Oanda is perfectly legal in the USA, in fact they are fully regulated by the NFA.

Oanda Review

Oanda is an award-winning Forex and CFDs broker offering trading services to both retail and corporate clients across a wide variety of asset classes including currencies, indices, metals, energies, commodities and bonds.

Along with more than two decades of maintaining a wonderful reputation in the online trading industry, Oanda also offers a bunch Oanda 评论和教程 2022 of excellent trading services and qualities that play a huge role in its success as a broker. These include a strong regulatory framework, low forex trading fees, superior trade execution, a variety of industry-standard trading platforms and a great customer support team.

Table Of Contents

At A Glance

Oanda Trade Trading Platforms

Oanda Trade is Oanda’s proprietary trading platform built with advanced trading features and capabilities. The trading platform which is powered by TradingView is available in desktop, web and mobile versions with its interface and functionalities built to function seamlessly alike across all Oanda 评论和教程 2022 three platforms.

With Oanda Trade, traders can enjoy exceptional execution, advanced charting, personalised layouts, multiple advanced technical analysis tools, one-click trading, trader Oanda 评论和教程 2022 analysis and much more.

Oanda Trading Platforms Details

Broker Oanda
Proprietary Trading PlatformOanda Trade (Web, Mobile and desktop trading platforms)
Desktop Trading Oanda Trade Desktop Trading Platform,
and MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform.
Mobile TradingOanda Trade Mobile Trading Platform,
MetaTrader 4 Mobile Trading Platform
and Tradingview Mobile Trading Platform.
Web TradingOanda Trade Web Trading Platform,
MetaTrader 4 Web Trading Platform
and Tradingview Web Trading Platform.
Social TradingNo
Copy TradingNo
MetaTrader 4Yes
MetaTrader 5 Oanda 评论和教程 2022 No

Customer Support

Oanda offers an impressive customer support service with a high response rate to customer queries or enquiries. The support team is available 24/5 from 10 am Sunday to 5 pm Friday and can be reached via live chat, email and telephone.


Oanda has been in the Forex and CFD trading industry for over 2 decades and still stands out among other top brokers in the Oanda 评论和教程 2022 online trading industry, this means they are doing some things right.

Considering their product offering, Oanda offers a great Forex and CFD Oanda 评论和教程 2022 trading service. Still, while they offer a large number of forex instruments, they offer a limited range of instruments in other asset classes compared to other industry-standard brokers. Notwithstanding, they offer a wide variety of asset classes along with the most popular instruments in each class.

In a nutshell, Oanda is a great broker for both beginners and professional traders due to its simplicity in structure and offering of advanced trading technologies. Also, working with Oanda, traders can enjoy a bunch of great trading services such as great Oanda 评论和教程 2022 customer support service, advanced trading platforms (proprietary and third-party) for mobile, web and desktop devices, a strong regulatory framework and much more.