FinMax review

On-line since: 2015
Country of origin: Cyprus
Regulation: FMRRC
Payment options: wire transfer, bank cards (MasterCard, Visa), payment systems such as WebMoney, Skrill, and NETELLER
Minimum account size: $100
Minimum lot size: -
Leverage: -
Spreads: -

About company:FINMAX评估

Most market participants believe that FinMax is one of the most reliable and trustworthy brokers in the binary options market. This innovative company FINMAX评估 was founded by a group of enthusiastic traders who have a wide experience in the options market. They have chosen the best things in the whole system and then improved them to reach perfection. Consequently, a young but promising team of professionals managed to create a new trading platform that helps anyone to achieve success. The company's clients can trade approximately 75 assets, including currency pairs, indices etc. The FINMAX评估 broker's platform was developed by traders for their colleagues, so all nuances of the work were taken into account. The FinMax platform is very functional and user-friendly.

Besides, anybody can open a demo account to test the platform without investing real money. Later, a client FINMAX评估 can choose the most suitable account type. Beginners are recommended to open the Bronze account with a low minimum deposit of $100. Minimum deal size of $5 allows them to trade without significant risks.

FinMax focuses on ensuring the security of clients' personal data. The company’s FINMAX评估 security system is virtually invincible. All information is strictly confidential and no FINMAX评估 third party can access it. Such a high level of security is provided by specialized security protocols.

The main advantages of the broker FINMAX评估 FINMAX评估 are prompt order processing, withdrawal of funds within three days, a minimum FINMAX评估 FINMAX评估 deposit of $100, a low minimum trade size of $5, a vast range of indicators and free trading signals, an opportunity to close an option before its expiry, and also the widest choice of options and assets.

Remarkably, profits from binary options trading with FinMax can be up to 89%.

When choosing a good broker which guarantees secure and highly profitable trading, you should pay attention to FinMax. If you have dealt with this broker before, please leave your comments. They FINMAX评估 will be useful for other traders.


洋葱二元期权是嵌套的 双非接触二元期权.在下面的分析中,三个嵌套的 double no FINMAX评估 touch 用于 英国富时100指数.

洋葱由每个列出的两个罢工/障碍组成 双非接触,低于当前标的价格三个,高于当前基础价格三个。如果在到期之前(包括到期)的任何时间,FTSE100 以或通过罢工/障碍进行交易,则该策略立即恢复为降低支付和新的罢工。

洋葱二元期权适用于那些关注波动性的人,它没有方向属性。如果交易者认为 富时100 将停滞,然后购买洋葱将证明是有利可图的交易。但与许多二元期权策略一样,交易者可以获得较低支付形式的奖励,因为标的移动距离当前价格只有这么远。


图 1a、1b 和 1c 说明了 FTSE100 Onion 的公允价值 二元期权 在到期日的范围内,隐含波动率为 15.0%。支出为 100、40、10 和 0。

图 1a 表示内部两个罢工都没有被触及的情况,并且仍然存在这种情况的可能性 FINMAX评估 FTSE100 洋葱稳定在 100.

图 2 反映了内部两个打击中的一个已被触及但外部两组打击未被触及的情况。这意味着结算价格为 100 的可能性随着内部双重非接触罢工而消失。下一个支出是 40,行使价为 5900 和 6100。


图 3 说明了洋葱后 中双非接触式 已被淘汰,只剩下外部双重无接触,最高支付额仅为 10。


图 1a 说明随着到期时间的减少,洋葱的价值会增加,这表明洋葱二元期权的θ是正值。

减少的支出可以被视为回扣,因此当内部双重不接触被淘汰时,将授予回扣以更广泛的罢工和较低的支出,在示例中为 40 的新双重不接触。随后,这种双重无接触被淘汰的回扣是进一步的双重无接触,罢工范围更广,支出更低,仅为 10。最后的双重无接触没有回扣。

回到图 1a,1 天到期的洋葱(红色)的公允价值为 63.5,这意味着内部罢工之间的洋葱二元期权 theta 为 36.5。因此,对该市场缺乏变动的正确判断可以产生 57.5% 返回提供 FTSE100 FINMAX评估 不会向上或向下移动 50 个刻度。富时 100 5950/6050 双重无接触(1 天到期)和 15% 隐含波动率的公允价值为 42.59,因此洋葱(63.5)和双重无接触(42.FINMAX评估 59)之间的差值为 20.9,即价值那个时候的回扣。

所有三个图 1 配置文件的 25 天配置文件从未超过 0.65 的公允价值,因此,表明 FTSE100 永远不会保持在 6,000 基础水平的 150 个刻度范围内。这可能代表了一种非常便宜的做空波动性的途径,如下所述。

图 2a、b 和 c 提供了洋葱二元期权在一系列隐含波动率上的价格概况。从图 2a 来看,公允价值随着隐含波动率的下降而增加,表明负洋葱二元期权 FINMAX评估 vega。

在 25% 的隐含波动率下,配置文件永远不会超过 3.20 的公允价值,因此洋葱可以再次为交易提供极高的杠杆率,相当于在传统市场中做空跨式期权。在 15% 的隐含波动率下,公允价值已升至 16.95(+430%),并且为了产生那种做空传统跨式或扼制的回报,人们将拥有巨大的初始保证金。

图 2a---FTSE100-Onion-Binary-Option-FV-wrt-Implied-Volatility-Inner-Strikes-Not-Touched

图 2b---FTSE100-Onion-Binary-Option-FV-wrt-Implied-Volatility-Inner-Strikes-Touched-Middle-and-Outer-Strikes-Untouched

图 2c---FTSE100-Onion-Binary-Option-FV-wrt-Implied-Volatility-Inner-and-Middle-Strikes-Touched-Outer-Strikes-Untouched

图 1a 和 2a 的梯度表明,洋葱是完全错误的定向交易工具,洋葱二元期权 delta 证实了这一点。罢工需要非常广泛,唯一有价值的交易可能是只买洋葱 在较低的罢工中 或者在上层罢工中出售洋葱。但是,当然,这会冒着底层证券触及最近的罢工的风险,并且支出会立即减少。

洋葱二元期权 gamma 比 delta 更加平淡无奇,只是强调了这个期权作为做市商管理的难度。不要指望紧张的报价!


Stefan Ebenfeld、Matthias FINMAX评估 R. Mayr 和 Jürgen Topper 写了这篇非常全面的文章 An Analysis of Onion options and FINMAX评估 Double-no-Touch Digitals。希腊人的方程式可能会提供一个线索,为什么我在评估希腊人时采用有限差分法。

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Traders Reviews

Careful with Finmax - Avoid this criminal Finmax

Carefull with Finmax - Money stolen - not serious and criminal !
ATTENTION at FINMAX - Avoid Finmax!
My experiences are consistently negative - I will report on my personal experiences
to inform or warn other customers.
First to Finmax itself: The head office seems to be in London and there are hardly any German-speaking employees. The broker
is registered in Vanuatu and only has Russian regulation.
As with other dubious brokers, everything seems to be going FINMAX评估 perfectly at first. Only annoying callers push for ever higher stakes
And FINMAX评估 be careful with multiple simultaneous deals: If a value falls below a certain level and your balance falls below a certain percentage
the trade is automatically terminated. However, this will reduce their credit, and further deals will be concluded in a chain reaction
and suddenly your money is gone in a short time.
You should observe everything daily and be really careful - and that takes more time than you first think.
Payouts should supposedly not always work and take a very long time and also the tempting bonus that you get FINMAX评估 FINMAX评估 with corresponding
Deposits gets canceled again.
I was once not given a promised bonus at all and these personal advisors like Anthony Kroiss are replaced again and again
suddenly no longer available. For me, at least 3 such employees suddenly stopped within a few months! And I have
these boars well-financed - but let's stick to the FINMAX评估 facts and do not suspect anything dubious.
After several payments to dubious partners in various countries such as Hungary (Renatis Itgroup KFT), Romania (Methodology Information Training SRL) or Lithuania (Know&DevelopLiveSRL), my last payment is by FINMAX评估 bank transfer
suddenly not arrived and never posted to my account - FINMAX评估 FINMAX评估 the money just disappeared! Even the bank Epayblock (Vilnius - Lithuana)FINMAX评估 do not cooperate.
These partners cannot be reached either by phone or email and Finmax does not want to be to blame and does not provide any information.
Of course, my bank tried everything possible, but a cancellation or recall of the money was refused without good reason!
There is only the way to the lawyer, the police . - I think there are better ways to destroy your money.
Finally, FINMAX评估 FINMAX评估 the unbelievably cheeky solution proposed by my "supporter" Anna Janowska: Simply deposit again and then act successfully, and
so the lost money can easily be recovered.
A great suggestion and a great help - especially when you run out of money!
See for yourself - I can only say: No more Finmax or ATTENTION at FINMAX!


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