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StormGain is proud to announce the debut of Islamic accounts on our platform, opening all the possibilities of the cryptocurrency world to our Muslim clients who wish to practice ethical trading according to their religious beliefs.

The 交易信号 StormGain app allows users to filter instruments according to specific criteria of their choosing. When the platform's default settings are applied, only the most popular instruments are displayed

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The key difference between a demo account and a real one is that the demo account 交易信号 can be used without investing actual cryptocurrency. The 交易信号 trade conditions in a demo account practically mirror 交易信号 trading conditions in a real account. The one function found in a real account that's missing from a demo one is the offer of fund withdrawal, and this is because all funds in the demo account are virtual. However, the demo account provides an excellent opportunity for traders to test themselves in a trading environment without any risk or investments. Users can also complete trades and develop a new trading strategy, before employing it in their account with real money.

Futures are the type of derivative contracts. A derivative contract allows traders to speculate on the price movements of assets without ever physically trading the asset.

When deciding which trading solutions to use, traders and investors invariably turn to technical analysis. This involves conducting market analysis using a variety of different indicators.

There are several types of commission/interest on StormGain: - Exchange commission for converting one cryptocurrency for another. This is charged at the moment of conversion.

在决定交易方案时,交易商和投资者一般都会进行技术分析。 这其中包括要使用各种指标进行市场分析。 我们的技术分析功能仅在 StormGain 网页端可用。

North East Way / 评论

August 15th, 2022: does anybody know why there at least no trades this month. when I look back there has been a performance between 2019 and 2021 of about 6-8 % in August. I think for a lot of subscribers 交易信号 it is disappointing that they are only paying and even don´t get their subscription fee in form of positive rusults back. I would appreciate a short statement of Pavel. thx

Update August 6th, 2022: last months have been very profitable. since end 交易信号 交易信号 of july there are only some or no trades. In august no trade up to know, 交易信号 maybe markets show no trading opportunities for Pavel. looking forward to further profitable trading months. all the best to all of you

Update April 28th, 2022: 交易信号 up to now good profits this month. today we had already open trades with "only" 3-4 交易信号 % in minus. now nearly up to -10 交易信号 交易信号 %. this counter trend trading of EURUSD, GBPUSD could become dangerous due to the critical world-political situation. nethertheless, fee of signal provider is for small accounts much too high. so you need a bigger account with at least USD 5000 if you have this signal and server of MQL5. wish you all good trades, health and peace in the world.

Update: Feb 02, 2022: in the 交易信号 last time only some trades and performance quite low. I agree, there are not always good chances for trading, but then the subscription fee should also be lower. You can calculate: 57 USD x 344 subscribers is quite a lot. would 交易信号 be perfect if subscription fee as reduced as small account, with e.g. only USD 5000 and 1.5 % performance a month have only USD 75 profit ;-)

Up to now, very good signals. I test since this week, first in demo account. up to now no negative signal. thank you Pavel for your great job. @rasendwind: you are right, this EA does not set stop-loss or it cannot be seen by broker, I do not know. but one idea: I personally set SL manually after EA has done 交易信号 entry. but this SL is later deleted by EA.

I have further question: your account size is about USD 28.000 with 0.05 lot. why does signal not correctly perform to higher lot size, e.g. 0.02 lot as I have USD 10.000 account?

中文名 技术指标 外文名 technical analysis indicators 类 型 行业术语 用 途 WMS最快K其次,D最慢 计算公式 N日RSV=(Ct-Ln)/(Hn-Ln) ×100 分 类 趋势型

技术指标 概念

技术指标 指标基本内容

该指标类要考虑市场行为的各个方面,建立一个数学模型, 给出数学上的计算公式,得到一个体现股票市场的某个方面内在实质的数字。这个数字叫指标值。指标值的具体数值和相 互间关系,直接反映股市所处的状态,为我们的操作行为提供指导方向。指标反映的东西大多是从行情报表中直接看不到的。

目前,证券市场上的各种技术指标数不胜数。例如,相对强弱指标(RSI)、随机指标(KD)、趋向指标(DMI)、平滑异同平均线(MACD)、能量潮(OBV)、心理线、乖离率等。这些都是很著名的技术指标,在股市应用中长盛不衰。而且,随着时间的推移,新的技术指标还在不断涌现。包括:MACD(平滑异同移动平均线)DMI趋向指标(趋向指标)DMA EXPMA(指数平均数)TRIX(三重指数平滑移动平均)BRARCR 交易信号 VR(成交量变异率)OBV(能量潮)ASI(振动升降指标)EMV(简易波动指标)WVAD(威廉变异离散量)SAR(停损点)CCI(顺势指标)ROC(变动率指标)BOLL(布林线)WR(威廉指标)KDJ(随机指标)MIKE(麦克指标)。

技术指标 用途

技术指标 使用方法

技术指标 使用心得

技术指标 计算公式

技术指标 分类

技术指标 技术简介

参数:N ,间隔天数;M,计算移动平均的天数。一般取12、6。7.RSI相对强弱指标(Relative Strenth Index) 短期RSI在20以下水平,由下往上交叉长期RSI,为买进信号。短期RSI在80以上水平,由上往下交叉长期RSI,为卖出信号。股价一波比一波低,相反的,RSI却一波比一波高时,股价很容易反转上涨。股价一波比一波高,相反的,RSI却一波比一波低时,股价很容易反转下跌。RSI在50以下为弱势区,50以上为强势区。由下向上突破50线为由弱转强,由上向下突破50线为由强转弱。一般认为RSI在50以上准确性较高。

该指标是一种随股价波动幅度大小而变动的压力支撑指标,股价上方的压力称为“上限”,股价下方的支撑称为“下限”。第一条“上限”和第一条“下限”之间,我们设一条假想的中界线,股价位于中界线的上方时,参考“上限”压力值;股价位于中界线下方面,则参考“下限”支撑值。 当股价脱离盘整,朝上涨的趋势前进时,股价上方三条“上限”为其压力参考价。 当股价脱离盘整,朝下跌的趋势前进时,股价下方三条“下限”为其支撑参考价。盘整时,股价若高于其中界线,则选择“上限”价位为参考依据;股价若低于其中界线,则选择“下限”价位为参考依据。(注意!在某些股市软件中,改以“表格”的方式表现,直接将压力和支撑的数据显示的表格中,并且会标明现阶段应参考“上限”或“下限”价位。但我们觉得画成图形更能体现这个指标的变动趋势。)

技术指标 局限性

技术指标 动量指标

这里, 两个固定时间间隔的收盘价参数之差包含了速度变化的概念。如果持续地V>VN,且其差值M愈来愈大,则意味着市势正加速上升;如果持续地V





同时持有股票和现金的缺点是,行情好的时候,不能满仓Show hand以获取最大收益。而好处呢?就是下跌时不会遭遇满仓跌停. 所以,仓位多寡没有好坏之分。日内交易的魅力在于,有机会依靠风险低的小仓位持仓,获取大于满仓持有的超额收益。